5 Apps Every Traveller Must Have

5 Apps Every Traveller Must Download

In my previous post I mentioned that it’s good to use travel apps, but not to depend on them, and I still believe that. But there are 5 apps every traveller must have with them when they travel, just in case. They are (in no particular order):

1. Maps

Google Maps Icon

There are a lot of maps apps out there, but I find the most up-to-date is Google Maps, and with the ability to download maps and routes to your phone you’re not always having to have data or looking for wifi. Some other useful features are:

  • Make a list of places to visit
  • Send your location real-time
  • Explore areas in street view

2. Translation

Google Translate Icon

Google Translate is a must when travelling to countries that don’t speak your language. Language barrier be gone! With this app you can easily translate multiple forms of text and media, including:

  • Test
  • Speech
  • Images
  • Websites
  • Real-time video

Google Translate supports over 100 languages, so there’s almost nothing you can’t translate on the fly.

3. Transportation

Grab Icon
Lyft Icon
Uber Icon

Most major urban areas have very reliable transportation systems, but there may be times you want to go to a location that’s not so easy to get to by bus or subway/train. Also, there are many countries where there is no train network at all. That’s when a ride-hailing app like Grab, Lyft or Uber comes in handy.

The different services are used in different parts of the world, so check ahead of time which one to download. You’ll want to have the app on your phone and registered before you leave so that it’s ready to use when you need it.

Tip: Sometimes you can come across shady drivers that will try to tell you that you need to pay a fee in cash or try to renegotiate the price. Don’t fall for this. If this happens just cancel the ride and choose another one. You should only ever pay through the app.

4. Communication

Facebook Messenger Icon
Whatsapp Icon

Having a communication app on your phone, like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp isn’t a must, but it could be useful in case someone needs to get ahold of you while you’re travelling. The last thing you want is to be getting charged for text messages or roaming charges and coming home to a huge bill.

5. Lodging

Agoda Icon
Booking.com Icon

Most of the time when you travel you’ll have all your accommodations set before you leave, but there may be times when you may need to make bookings on the go, like if you change your travel plans or you arrive at an accommodation that is not as it was described.

Last but not least of the 5 apps every traveller must have are Agoda and Booking.com. In my opinion, no other site compares with these 2 when it comes to finding lodging. A few reasons why are:

  • Free cancellation options on almost all rooms
  • Early loyalty rewards
  • Easy to book on the go
  • Clear pricing without hidden fees
  • Price match guarantee

That’s just to name a few. Install one or both of these apps on your phone when you’re travelling in case you need them. You’ll be glad you did.

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